Hình chụp HNCT 2014 by The Image Wonder

Các thông báo về cuộc hội ngộ 2013
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Hình chụp HNCT 2014 by The Image Wonder

Post by danhunglam » June 4th, 2015, 1:37 pm


Cám ơn chị Khánh (vợ anh Peter Nguyễn) a professional photographer who did all the work for HN CT 2013, many hours straight without a break for free.

CHS Cao Thang, if you have a need for a wonderful photographer for that special occasion may I recommend Khanh Tran Phone: (510) 579 - 6663 Email us: theimagewonder@yahoo.com
Thân mến,
Lâm Thanh Hùng

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